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How to spot a fake driving licence in the UK

In the United Kingdom, it is very important to know how to spot a fake driver’s license. Fake driving licenses or IDs are a big problem for fleet companies and businesses that require workers to drive for work purposes. Companies that hire drivers have a big responsibility to make sure that their drivers are allowed to drive legally in the UK. Buy a driving license, real driving licence for sale, buy driving licence without test

As a result, all workers’ driving licenses should be rigorously examined to guarantee they are not counterfeit. If you hire a driver who has submitted a forged driver’s license and they are involved in an accident while driving a company vehicle, senior management may be held criminally accountable for any fatalities or serious injuries.

This article will focus on how How to recognize a fake driving licence in the UK and what the major gives away when inspecting a driving licence.

How to check if a driving licence is fake in the UK, buy a driving license

Driving licenses in the United Kingdom contain clearly recognizable information that may be used to determine whether a license is genuine or counterfeit. The following are some helpful hints for spotting a phony driver’s license:

  • Incorrect image of the flag
  • Wrong words across the top, for example, ‘National Identification’ or ‘International Driving Permit’
  • The licence is in a different language
  • Plain or simple-patterned background
  • Photograph in the wrong place
  • No signature or an incorrect signature
  • Fake holograms
  • Information in the wrong places

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UK driving licenses have distinctive features that make them difficult to counterfeit and fake. It is no longer sufficient to merely take a copy of the driver’s license without undertaking rigorous tests to determine if the ID is genuine or not. real driving licence for sale

When doing driver’s license checks, a genuine and valid UK driver’s license should include the following:

  • Driver number
  • A first name, surname, date, and place of birth
  • Drivers signature
  • Drivers address
  • Date of licence issue, photo expiry, and issuing authority
  • Valid photograph (black and white on newer photocards)
  • Entitlement categories
  • Hologram of a steering wheel over the driver’s photograph which ‘turns’ as you move the card
  • Holographic images on the front
  • Pictograms on the reverse
  • A green/gold steering wheel image on the reverse
  • Information codes
  • Complex pattern as the background

If you are unsure whether an ID is genuine, you can use the DVLA website to check the driving licence number or get a check code from the driver.

Are European licenses valid in the UK?

They are legitimate, however, if you hire drivers from the EU who live in the UK, they can request to swap their original driver’s license for a UK one and avoid having to retake their exam. Once completed, you may perform regular tests on the license to ensure that it is genuine. buy a driving license

These restrictions may change now that the United Kingdom has exited the European Union. You may find any updated information and rules on the government’s website.

What are the risks 

Employing drivers with forged licenses is not only unlawful, but it may also tarnish your reputation, endanger other road users, and make it difficult to punish them for any offenses.

If you hire individuals with phony documents, you might face a five-year prison sentence and an infinite fine if proven guilty of hiring someone whose papers were inaccurate or fraudulent; this is why it’s critical to properly examine all of your driver’s licenses. It will not only assist to prevent fraud, but it will also reveal any past convictions.

What to do if you come across a fake driver’s licence, buy a driving license

If you discover a phony license when doing background checks on your workers, you must handle it properly.

You should contact the police right now. The individual in issue may already be driving with a phony license, which might endanger other road users, and they may even apply to another firm with the same bogus ID.

To safeguard your company and others, grab the phony driver’s license and turn it over to the police station, where they may further examine it. buy driving licence online

Other than validating license checks with the DVLA, there are software applications available in the UK to check for false driver’s licenses. These programs can detect bogus documents such as

Driving licenses and passports can help safeguard your company from fraud.

If an accident occurs and your driver is using a forged driver’s license, you may face legal consequences as well as a reduction in your fleet insurance. If you follow the suggestions and advice offered above, you will be able to detect phony licenses and avoid legal or insurance concerns. Please contact us if you require any more assistance.

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