real uk driving licence


Our service guarantees that you may acquire a UK driving licence without taking the exam.
Have you been taking and failing your theory test? Do you find it difficult to pass the driving or practical tests because you are frightened or afraid? Our website allows you to purchase a genuine driving licence in the United Kingdom. Driving licence buy, buy uk drivers license


real uk driving licence
real uk driving licence


  • Buy Theory Test Certificate

Taking the driving theory exam is difficult, particularly for immigrants who do not know English. Theory exam preparation might take months or years, and you may still fail. You can prevent this by purchasing a theoretical exam certificate from our website.

The DVSA issues and registers our theoretical exam certificates online. If you have repeatedly failed your theory certificate, purchasing a theory test certificate might be a better alternative.

  • Buy Practical Test Certificate

Purchasing a practical exam certificate from our website is simple. All you have to do is provide:

  • Your provisional licence
  • Your theory test certificate
  • Your email address and mobile number

Another challenging sector for candidates is the Driver practical test. It appears that finding decent driving teachers is a challenging issue. Even if this were not an issue, candidates may fail the practical test due to anxiousness, fear of failure, strictness, and/or language obstacles.

We can assist you in avoiding all of these by supplying you with a genuine DVSA practical certificate. Depending on the type of license you’re asking for, this certificate won’t cost you anything. If you’re sick of failing your driving test and wasting money on classes, purchase a practical certificate from our website.

Buy genuine driving licence | Theory & Practical certificates included

We can help you get your ban lifted. A-second disqualification within three years, you will be suspended We can assist you lawfully remove a ban from your driving license, regardless of the basis of the restriction. We require the following information to remove a driving prohibition from your license:

  • Ban removal
  • The court letter(s) you received
  • The day & date of the offence
  • Your Provisional Licence or driving licence (Picture)
  • Your National Insurance
  • Points removal from Driving Licence

You may lawfully erase points from your driver’s license. We can help you remove your points from the system depending on the quantity of points and the offense.

  • Adding extra categories on UK Driving licence

Do you have a car license or a class B license and need an additional category on your license, such as towing another vehicle or driving a van? We can assist you add any category to your driving license.

What do the categories on your driving licence mean?

Licence CategoryTypeAdditional driving test Needed?Restrictions
A Buy A LicenseMotorbikesYesN/A
A1Buy A1 licenceMotorbikesYesUp to 125cc or 11kW
Buy A2 Licence
MotorbikesYesUp to 35kW
Buy AM licence
2 or 3 wheeled motorsYesMax speed 15.5-28mph
Buy B licence
CarsNoMax 8 passenger seats
B autoAutomatic carsNoN/A
B+ECat B + trailerNoUp to 3,500kg
Buy B1 Licence
Light vehiclesNoUp to 550kg with goods
Buy C licence
Large lorriesYesMax trailer 750kg
C+ECat C + trailerYesN/A
Buy C1 licence
LorriesYesUp to 7,500kg + 750kg trailer
C1+ECat C1 + trailerYesMax combined weight 12,000kg
Buy D licence
BusYesTrailer up to 750kg
D+ECat D + trailerYesN/A
Buy D1 licence
MinibusYesLength max 8m, trailer max 750kg
D1+ECat D1 + trailerYesN/A
GRoad rollerYesN/A
HTracked vehiclesYesN/A
KPedestrian vehiclesNoSelf-propelled
P2 wheeled vehiclesNoMax Speed 28 – 31mph
Q2 wheeled motorsNoMax speed 15.5mph


Do you wish to get a genuine UK driving license online using our website but don’t know how? Take the following steps:

  1. Visit our contact page and Fill this form.
  2. Submit the required information and specify that you want a genuine UK driving licence.
  3. We shall contact you via Whats app if you have it available. Alternatively, you can  click here to chat with an assistant directly. buy uk drivers license
  4. Submit the requirements to buy a genuine driving licence online.

You may get a legitimate UK driving license without having to take a theoretical or practical test.

You may have mastered driving and do not want to spend much money on obtaining a driving license, or you may require a driving license but lack the funds to pay for the written exam and practical session. Official Legit Documents is here to help you through the complete procedure at a low cost. We can provide you with a genuine UK driving license at a low cost without the need for theoretical or practical tests. With a single click, you may purchase a UK driving licence.

Our UK licenses are genuine, original, and confirmed, and can be verified through the DVLA database. We guarantee that you will have a secure and enjoyable experience.

Have you failed your driving test numerous times in the UK due to a lack of attention, mistakes, stress, language barriers, or even because the system is too demanding with its restrictions in such exams?

Statistics reveal that for more than 20 years, the success rate for acquiring a driving license has been dramatically reduced due to the rigorous procedures involved in obtaining this document. We are here to decrease the worry, failure, and money associated with purchasing a genuine UK driving license in the United Kingdom. Buy your UK driving license online and enjoy the journey. However, we DO NOT eliminate the formal and legal formalities required, but rather It is worth noting that this technique has a 0% failure rate. All of our candidates profited from a subtle and thorough registration of their driver’s license, with no legal issues during use. So far, the only problem has been scheduling. buy uk drivers license

Can you buy a driving licence in UK?

Yes, you may purchase a driving license in the United Kingdom without taking the exam. We can provide you with an authentic UK driving licence online in 5 to 7 business days.

Is it legal to buy a driving licence?

“Is it permissible to purchase a driver’s license?” Yes, it is perfectly legal to get a driver’s license online as long as you take the exam and follow the regulations of the road. When you buy a driving licence online, you can be certain that it is a registered and authentic UK driving licence.

Can you buy a driving license UK?

“Can you acquire a driving license in the United Kingdom?” This is a frequently requested question by many of our clients. Yes, if you know where to look, you can get a driving license in the United Kingdom. We don’t give out licenses!! The DVLA will grant you a driver’s license (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). We just have agents on the inside who deal with the files.

How much does it cost to get UK driving Licence?

“How much does it cost to acquire a driving license in the United Kingdom?” A category B licence would cost around £1500 on average. The cost of a UK driving license varies according on the kind of license and whether you want an automated or manual license. buy uk drivers license

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