How To Get a Malta Passport

Malta, a Mediterranean island, draws ex-pats from throughout the globe. It is small, but it provides a lot. Malta offers foreigners a good education, a stable economy, and a laid-back lifestyle. Citizenship in malta

With possible changes, the island could become a financial hub, creating jobs for both people who live there and people who move there.

Malta provides citizenship via investment.

In this post, we’ll cover all the inquiries like:

What are the benefits of a Maltese passport?

How to apply for a passport of Malta?

What are the eligibility criteria? 

…and a lot more. So, let’s begin.

Benefits of Having a Malta Passport

Malta’s passport allows European living. Its owner gains greatly. how much for driving licence,

Enjoy Visa-free Travel to 186 Countries

Besides visa-free European travel, Maltese citizenship provides various benefits. Maltese people may visit 186 countries visa-free, including the UK, USA, and Canada. Maltese passports are among the strongest.

Get Access to European Union

EU membership benefits Malta. With a Malta passport, you may live and work in Europe without a visa or residency permit.

Get Free Access to Healthcare and Education

Malta boasts a world-class healthcare system. Maltese people get free hospitalization, medications, prenatal treatments, and births under state fund coverage. WHO places it in the top five.

Public schools and transportation are free.

Benefit from the Favorable Tax System

Citizenship in Malta may exempt you from taxes. New citizen tax methods might also simplify your budget.

The Maltese Passport “Power”

Passport power is the number of countries you may visit without a visa or visa-on-arrival. Malta has the 8th strong passport, allowing visa-free travel to 186 countries.

How To Apply for a Maltese Passport 

Non-EU citizens like Maltese citizenship. The Maltese government allows ancestry, marriage, and investment to attain this status.

  • You can become a Maltese Citizen by Descent, i.e., if you’re born abroad, but your family resides in Malta. 
  • You can obtain Maltese citizenship by marrying a Maltese citizen.
  • You can get Maltese citizenship by naturalization.
  • You can get Malta citizenship by investment.

Malta Citizenship by Investment

The Maltese citizenship by investment scheme is a good option to receive an EU passport. Investors who invest in real estate and government-approved bonds and funds may get passports for themselves and their families.

Getting a Maltese Passport by Investment

Four-tier due diligence checks Malta Citizenship by Investment applications. This program grants citizenship and a passport after 12 or 36 months in Malta if you complete the conditions.

You’ll obtain a Maltese passport on the following conditions:

  • You’re 18 or above,
  • Pass the due diligence process and don’t have a criminal history,
  • Aren’t from the countries listed under ‘banned’ countries,
  • You invest at least €600,000 if your residence status is 36 months, or you invest at least €750,000 if your residence status is 12 months,
  • You buy a residential property for €700,000 in Malta, or you choose to lease a residential property with an annual rental value of at least €16,000,
  • You make a donation of €10,000 to a registered organization in Malta. This organization is required to be approved by the Community Malta Agency. 
  • You also need to apply for a valid residence card that serves as proof of your residency to apply for the passport. citizenship in malta
citizenship in malta

Maltese Passport Processing Time 

To prevent issues, you need the right ingredients for the extended application procedure. Thus, complete their forms honestly.

The Community Malta Agency will verify your eligibility for a residence permit if you pass Tier 1 due diligence checks and apply for one. If so, apply for eligibility. They do tiers 2-4 verification and submit it to the appropriate Maltese minister, who decides eligibility.

You must live in Malta for 36 months (or 12) to become a citizen.

Investment requirements follow. The oath and naturalization certificate follow the investment.

Five years after citizenship, Community Malta Agency agents will watch.

Dual Citizenship in Malta 

Malta accepts dual citizenship. To determine whether your nation allows dual citizenship, examine its laws. If not, you may lose citizenship.

Renewing a Maltese Passport 

If you renew your Maltese passport every decade, you may retain it forever. Biometric Maltese passports

Passport Costs 

Malta citizenship via investment costs at least €690,000. Background checks and legal expenses are excluded.

Minor passports cost €70. €16 for under-10s. The €140 Urgent Passport is granted in four hours.

Can I become a citizen of Malta if I make an investment in Malta?

If you invest in Malta and meet residence conditions, you may get citizenship. For further details, see Malta Citizenship by Investment.

Do I have to live in Malta to become a citizen?

Malta demands citizenship through residency. Investment citizenship takes 12–36 months. Malta citizenship via naturalization may take seven to 18 years.

Is the passport of Malta strong?

Malta is visa-free for 186 countries. 8th globally.

Does Malta allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Malta allows dual citizenship.

Can I travel to the USA with my Maltese passport?

Yes, you can. This is possible thanks to ESTA, the visa waiver program. polkadot


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