If you’re 70 or older, you may renew your driver’s license.

driving licence renewal ni

If your driver’s license expires on January 1, 2021, you must renew it. All licenses that expire between 1 February 2020 and 31 December 2020 will be considered valid for an additional 11 months. Driving licence renewal ni

Renew your driving license at 70 years or older

  • There will be no need to do anything to apply for this extension; nevertheless, during this time, neither the driver’s record nor license renewals will be updated or provided.
  • Drivers whose licence expiry falls within these dates do not need to take any action on the expiry of their driving licence renewal ni.
  • For some drivers, this will remove the need to have a medical assessment conducted at this difficult time.
  • Note the extension does not apply to provisional driving licenses that expire in this period.
  • If your temporary extension is about to expire soon, the DVA will send you a notification to that effect. where can to buy fake certificate

Differences between NI and GB licences

Northern Ireland’s Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) licenses are unaffected by the British government’s 8 June 2015 reformatting of driver’s licenses. In addition to the plastic photocard, Northern Ireland licenses still have a paper equivalent.

The photocard driving license explained, driving licence renewal ni

Licence period

Applicants aged 70 or older may expect their new license to be valid for up to three years. You must renew your driver’s license every few years if you want to keep using it.

No charge

If you are renewing an expired license or submitting your application during the last two months of your current license’s validity, there is no charge. (The term “expiry” refers to the point at which the date shown in section 4B of your driver’s license’s plastic card has elapsed.)

You will get a renewal notice

About two months before your present license expires, the DVA will send you a renewal notice.

Renew online

When your license expires, you may renew it online at the following website for your automobile, motorbike, or tractor. You’ll need to provide a digital picture of yourself at some point throughout the application process. Application processing times may be reduced by adhering to the digital picture criteria provided in the following link:

  • Renew your driving license online
  • The photo for your driving license

If you choose to renew your license online rather than via mail, you will get your new license considerably faster. shrooms

Be alert to unofficial websites offering online driver licensing. 

If you do not receive a renewal notice

The DVA may, but is not obligated to, notify drivers that their licenses are about to expire and issue renewal reminders.

If for any reason, you do not receive the renewal notice from the DVA, you can apply online: 

  • Renew your driving license online

Renewing your C1 or D1 license categories

It is not possible to renew a license in the C1 or D1 category online; instead, you must mail in a completed renewal reminder form. Include a doctor’s completed “medical examination report” (DLM1 form) to vouch for your application’s legitimacy. C1 and D1 license categories are discussed; these rules apply regardless of whether you have had a full, limited, or voluntary license in the past.

  • Buses and lorries you can drive and minimum ages

DLM1 forms are available from MOT test centers or directly from the DVA by calling:

  • phone: 0300 2007 861

Your doctor may charge you a fee for filling in the DLM1 medical report.

Medical conditions

If you have previously had or now suffer from a medical condition that might impact your driving, you must notify DVA.

  • Medical conditions and driving

When to expect your license

As soon as the DVA gets your application, they will try to give you your license within 10 business days. If your identity or health status has to be verified, this might take longer. Give the DVA at least four weeks before you try to get in touch with them about your driver’s license.

Get in touch with DVA Driver Licensing if, after six weeks, you still don’t have your driver’s license.

If you don’t tell the DVA within eight weeks that your license hasn’t arrived, you’ll have to fill out a new application and pay for it.

Driving before new license arrives

As long as the following conditions are met once the DVA has received your legal application:

  • have a valid license obtained in Northern Ireland or Great Britain on or after January 1, 1976, or another license that may be exchanged (see GBR, Jersey, Guernsey, IOM, and Gibraltar driving licenses and Exchanging your foreign driving license for further information);
  • have made a qualifying application for a license;
  • are not disqualified from driving;
  • have not been refused a license for medical reasons or for failing to follow the DVA medical inquiries; and
  • would not be refused a license for medical reasons (if in doubt, check with your doctor).


Of course, if you’re going to be behind the wheel, you need auto insurance. Keeping your auto insurance in the loop about any medical conditions that might influence your ability to drive safely is a must. If you have a health problem that might impact your driving, for example, and you don’t tell your insurer about it, they may cancel your policy. If you fail to renew your license but continue to operate a motor vehicle, you will no longer be covered by your auto insurance policy. You would be committing a major crime with severe consequences, such as a large fine and even a vehicle seizure.


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