What is a Second Passport?

Is this true? Is it possible for me to have TWO passports? If you are a US citizen with a busy travel schedule, the answer is YES! Getting a second, limited-validity passport might be the answer!
A second passport is a passport with a restricted validity of four years that is provided to US residents who need two passports for a variety of reasons. A new passport number, issuance date, and expiration date will be assigned to a second passport. Travelers in the following categories may be able to apply for and get a second passport:

Your passport must be in two places at the same time. If you need to go outside of the nation AND require a travel visa for a forthcoming trip, you should probably get a second passport. You can go to Mexico with your old 10-year passport while your second passport is being processed by the Brazilian embassy.
Passport stamps from previously visited countries are not acceptable in forthcoming travel destinations.

If you travel frequently and have encountered the time constraints of acquiring a travel visa, buying a second passport is strongly suggested to alleviate the worry about your next foreign journey!
PassportsandVisas.com’s second passport application process is simple! We will guide you through the full application procedure to guarantee that your new second passport arrives on time. For a complete list of prerequisites for a second passport, please go here.
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