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Buy a Norwegian driver’s license: Cars (category B) have a minimum age of 18 years. Mopeds (AM146; 50 cc, top speed 45 km/h), smaller bikes (A1; engine size equal to or less than 125 cubic centimeters), and tractors (T) are 16 years old. Most bigger truck permits (type C) require holders to be 21 years old. Motorcycles have distinct laws; drivers under the age of 18 can operate a motorbike with a power output of up to 35 kW (category A2), as long as they have completed the relevant training and examinations. If the student has had an A2 license from the age of 18, they can take a course for motorbikes with unlimited power (category A) when they reach 20. Norway driver’s license, Norway foreign driver’s license, Norwegian driving license in the UK, Norwegian driver’s license for foreigners